CastleCon Virtual Flea Market

We know you have games you’d like to trade or sell but maybe you don’t want to drag them to the Con just to have to take them back home again if you can’t find that right match. Well the Virtual Flea market is for you! Do all your selling and trading (with any format you’d like…auction, dutch auction, trade list, etc) before the Con and just bring the things you know you have made a deal for.

You’ll list your items here on the site and make your trades/sales, whatever they may be. On the Con weekend you will bring the things you traded/sold and meet up with the people you had a deal with and…presto…old games become new, or you could leave the Con with your wallet feeling like you’ve had a big week in Vegas 🙂

Visit this link to hook up to the Virtual Flea Market.  The Market will run until October 15.  The rules for the Virtual Flea Market are:

1) Anyone attending CastleCon can add to the list.

2) Please list one game per geeklist item.

3) Please be clear as to whether you are using CAD or USD currency.

4) Please include all pertinent info including price, condition, edition and (if available) a link to the BGG Marketplace listing. Feel free to add any other notes, trade desires, photos. Links can be embedded with [ geekurl=<url>]<text>[/geekurl] where <url> does not include the site, so like [ geekurl=/geekmarket/product/798558]Link[/geekurl]

5) Please show a strike-through of the item in this list when the item is sold/traded.

6) If you strike a deal, please use the marketplace so BGG gets their rightful share.

7) Make sure you bring the game to CastleCon as this is meant as a no-ship VFM.

Here are the rules for Buyers:

1) If you strike a deal with the seller, please make sure the transaction goes through BGG marketplace so that BGG gets their rightful share.

2) Be respectful of other people.

General Rules:

1) CastleCon is not responsible for any transactions made in this VFM.

2) CastleCon is not responsible for the exchange of money between the seller and the buyer, but stresses that BGG Marketplace need be used to complete your transaction.

3) CastleCon may intermittently monitor this VFM geeklist to help facilitate general questions, etc.

4) This is not for auction items.

5) CastleCon will be holding a Bring & Buy as usual at the Con.

6) We are testing out this VFM to help facilitate the large number of games that usually trade hands at the Con. Use of this in future years will be determined at a later date.

Convention Date

October 16 - 18, 2020

Important News

-CastleCon has been booked for October 16 to 18, 2020. More information will follow soon.

Hotel Information

Best Western Plus
559 Bloor Street West,
Oshawa, Ontario, Canada, L1J 5Y6

Comfort Inn
605 Bloor Street West
Oshawa, Ontario, Canada, L1J 5Y6

Go the hotel page for more information about CastleCon special hotel rates.

Hours of Operation

Friday 10 am - Sunday 5pm
Games should start wrapping up at 4pm Sunday.
The rooms have to be completely empty by 6pm.

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