At CastleCon we love friendly competition and each of the last several years we have run at least one tournament for our attendees. Tournaments are held throughout the weekend with the qualifying rounds on Friday and Saturday, followed by the finals on Sunday.  They are free to join, once you’ve registered, and the winner of the tournament is guaranteed a prize for their efforts.  In the past we have run tournaments for games like: Dominion, Thunder Alley, Small World, Command & Colors: Ancients, and many others.

Tournament Sign ups:  You can sign up for any tournament at the CastleCon front desk.

Kingdomino Tournament

Host:  Richard “Doc” Diosi

Experience Level:   New and experienced players welcome.

Teaching sessions:   Demonstrations will be run prior to the tournament.

Maximum Sign Ups Allowed:  16

Format:  The tournament will be played in two rounds.  The winners of each of the games in the first round are declared finalists and play
in the second and final round.  The winner of the final round is declared the winner of the tournament. Note that the Final round is played
using a promo title dispenser.

The game will be played using the base game rules with two variants; players will be awarded ten (10) additional points if their castle is at the
center of their territory (The Middle Kingdom) and/or five (5) additional points if their territory is complete with no discarded dominoes
(Harmony).  The player with the most points wins the game.  In case of a tie, the first tiebreaker is the player with the biggest territory (most
squares in a single territory) wins the game.  The second tiebreaker is the player with the most number of crowns in their kingdom.  The third
tiebreaker is the player who earned The Middle Kingdom bonus.  The fourth tiebreaker is the player who earned the Harmony bonus.  The
fifth tiebreaker is the player with the highest value single territory (calculated as number of crowns X number of terrain spaces).  The sixth
tiebreaker is that the tied players play another game.

Playing time:  Approximately 1 hour per round.

Prize:  To be determined.

More to Come

We have added a few more tournaments to the convention.  More details will be provided once we collect all the information.  So far we
have added  X-Wing 2.0, The Legend of Korra, and Welcome to Centerville.

Convention Date

October 19–21, 2018

Important News

-X-Wing 2.0, The Legend of Korra, and Welcome to Centerville have been added as tournaments.
-Adam Starkweather will attend CastleCon as a special guest.
-CastleCon VIII tickets are now available for sale. The price is $55.00 for a three day weekend pass until September 30th.

Hotel Information

Best Western Plus
559 Bloor Street West,
Oshawa, Ontario, Canada, L1J 5Y6

Comfort Inn
605 Bloor Street West
Oshawa, Ontario, Canada, L1J 5Y6

Go the hotel page for more information about CastleCon special hotel rates.

Hours of Operation

Friday 10 am - Sunday 5pm
Games should start wrapping up at 4pm Sunday.
The rooms have to be completely empty by 6pm.

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