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    Star Trek Adventures is a 2d20 system role playing game from Modiphius. Unlike other game system the 2d20 system focuses more on storytelling and character development, truly a perfect fit the the Star Trek Universe.
    The following Module will include everything you need to get acquainted with the mechanics of Starship operations along with the mechanics to manage social conflict ( a staple of Star Trek storytelling). Everything you need to play will be provided.

    You will play as the crew of the USS Venture NCC-71853, a Galaxy Class vessel. Currently en route back to Federation core systems after a long routine patrol assignment, the ship intercepts a distress call and immediately alters course to offer assistance.

    Captain’s Log, Stardate 48214.85. We have received a distress call and are currently travelling at maximum warp to
    investigate. The signal appears to have originated from a transport vessel called the S.S. Eye of Malornia, travelling near an expansive ring of asteroids known as the Pinicon Cluster. The message, a garbled voice recording from the transport’s captain, sounded panicked and made it clear the vessel was under attack. Sensors indicate the discharge of energy weapons and explosions, and a radiation signature consistent with a heavily damaged warp core. Our ETA puts us in the center of the Pinicon Belt in ten minutes.

    If you are interested in playing this game, please let us know.


    Do we know when this will run?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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