CastleCon Bring & Buy Sale

We will be hosting a bring and buy sale this year on Saturday, October 21st. The sale will start at 11 am and end at 5pm.

Sellers registering their games will fill out a sales slip for each game. Each slip will have three time slots; 11 am, 1 pm, and 3 pm. For each time slot, the seller writes what they would like their game to sell for from that time until the next time slot. Typically the price is lowered with each time slot in order to help sell the game but this is up to the seller.

Example: Pat is selling Monopoly and lists the game with the following prices: 11 am-$10. 1 pm- $8. 3 pm -$5. A buyer interested in the game will pay $10 between 11 am and 1pm. From there the prices drops to $8 between 1pm and 3pm. From 3pm to 5pm, the price drops to $5.

All game sales can be made with the administrator on duty.

Please note that changes can not be made to the game price once it has been submitted.  Please ensure that the Item Submission Form attached to the game is error free and that the amount requested at each time slot is clearly legible.  Due to issues encountered  with people trying to change their price while the sale was in progress, we will no longer be processing sales from which the submission form price has been changed in any way.  Also, please ensure that the price on the submission form and registration form match.  Due to the high volume of sales, the admin will not be able to catch any discrepancies  between the two.  Only the price taped to the game box will be considered the final price at the time of sale.

Items that sell will be charged $1/item or 10% of the final price, which ever is higher. Sellers can collect their money from the admin desk between 5pm and 7pm once all the seller totals have been calculated. An announcement will be made when the totals are ready. After 7pm, sellers can approach an administrator to collect their money.

You can register your items with an administrator between 9am and 11am. Unsold games can be picked up when the administrators are ready to hand out the proceeds from all sales made.

Please use your registrations number as your badge/seller number.

Sales forms are available for people interested in submitting items for sale. Please download the Individual Item Form and the Seller Registration Form in order to sell your games.

Take part to get rid of any old games you never play any longer, or maybe find a new game to enjoy at CastleCon!

Convention Date

October 16 - 18, 2020

Important News

-Unfortunately we will not be running a CastleCon event this year.

Hotel Information

Best Western Plus
559 Bloor Street West,
Oshawa, Ontario, Canada, L1J 5Y6

Comfort Inn
605 Bloor Street West
Oshawa, Ontario, Canada, L1J 5Y6

Go the hotel page for more information about CastleCon special hotel rates.

Hours of Operation

Friday 10 am - Sunday 5pm
Games should start wrapping up at 4pm Sunday.
The rooms have to be completely empty by 6pm.

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